• How to register for feedback loops June 8th, 2015, by ksimpson

    Email feedback loops (FBLs) allow email receivers to tell a sending network about the complaints their users are generating about email originating from the sending network. By tuning in to FBL data, sending networks can identify problematic email traffic originating from their IP address space, such as spam messages. This information can help to pinpoint […]

  • Introducing Notification Center April 30th, 2015, by dliao

    Notification Center pulls together all the intelligence about your email infrastructure and makes it available in one place. It tells you important information, such as who sends the most email by volume, who are the biggest spammers, and who is having deliverability issues on your network.   Access the feature You will find the Notification […]

  • Introducing MailChannels Insights March 4th, 2015, by Mike Smith

    MailChannels Insights is a new tool that provides users with an intuitive search interface that helps end users find problematic email deliveries, providing a simple explanation why messages were blocked or failed to deliver. It provides a level of understanding not available with other outbound email solutions. Available at no additional cost to MailChannels SMTP […]

  • Outbound spam trends in 2014 January 19th, 2015, by dliao

    The world of email is constantly changing, and 2014 was no exception. More and more businesses of all sizes are putting their mailboxes in the cloud, with service providers such as Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. This trend means traditional anti-spam vendors that serve the enterprise market are suffering, because customers no longer need […]

  • Why web hosts should filter outbound spam November 20th, 2014, by dliao

    Email is an essential service that most hosting customers expect to work 100% of the time. But how often is your mail traffic getting rejected due to IP blacklisting? How many hours are spent hunting down fraudulent accounts and getting your IP addresses off the blacklists? The largest webmail providers in the world – AOL […]

  • Update: How well do large senders do at delivering email? November 5th, 2014, by ksimpson

    Two weeks ago, we posted an article discussing how successfully the largest email senders are able to reach the inbox. We received some criticism about this post, because it made some providers look worse than they really ought to be based on their own inbox delivery performance metrics. To help shed some light on the […]

  • Outbound anti-spam: not your average spam filter October 24th, 2014, by dliao

    Spam is something most people think of as an inbox problem – one that requires filtering inbound email traffic. Outbound spam, however, is unwanted email sent to the Internet from an internal host or trusted user. It’s different from inbound spam in a few ways – most importantly, in how you control it. Outbound spam […]

  • How well do the biggest email senders do at reaching the inbox? October 16th, 2014, by ksimpson

    UPDATE (10/24): In our original post, we used the term “delivery rate” instead of the more commonly used term “message accepted rate”. The analysis below is accurate; however, we will follow up soon with a more comprehensive analysis that reveals the proportion of messages that are accepted/bounced after initial phases of rejection such as IP […]

  • Shellshock: What MailChannels customers need to know September 25th, 2014, by ksimpson

    Yesterday, security researchers disclosed a critical vulnerability in the “bash” program that ships with virtually every Unix and Linux system. This vulnerability enables – in some cases – remote execution of arbitrary programs via the command line, allowing an attacker to gain sensitive information such as password hashes from a target machine. MailChannels Software is […]

  • Using MailChannels SMTP Relay just got easier September 19th, 2014, by dliao

    You may have noticed the MailChannels SMTP Relay Console has received user interface (UI) improvements. Aside from a cleaner, more contemporary look and feel, we’ve also introduced more powerful search, a new reporting functionality and we redesigned the main navigation so it’s easier to access key information quickly.   Advanced Search Advanced Search can be […]