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  • Bug Report October 8th, 2008, by dcawley

    Dear Spammer Technical Support, I’d like to submit a bug report for your recent spam run. We’re usually entertained with hilarious Subject lines and bizarre message content but your latest offering was quite poor. The Subject line of the message was $DIKSBJ and the body simply contained $DIKBODY and $DIKLINK along with a short text […]

  • Political Spam – Georgia Conflict August 17th, 2008, by dcawley

    I thought it worth discussing the spam e-mails being sent related to the conflict in Georgia. So far, our spam traps show two very different types of spam mailings related to the issue which appear to have very different purposes. The most recent messages I’ve seen are in German and originate from the Cutwail botnet. […]

  • Post #2 on Why Spam Filters Suck “trickle blog” series April 3rd, 2008, by d.liao

    Prohibition Induces “Botlegging” Spamming is a “tragedy of the commons,” in which a finite resource (our time and attention) is abused at low cost by a minority (the spammers). Like many such tragedies in our human history, prohibition has been seen as the quick fix. Classic targets of prohibitionism include alcohol, drugs, and gambling. The […]