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  • Office 365 Summarizes their Approach to Outbound Spam October 4th, 2013, by ksimpson

    Terry Zink is one of Microsoft’s best hires. He’s the anti-spam czar for Microsoft Office 365, and writes a beautiful blog post covering what Microsoft does to stop outbound anti-spam and maintain a great reputation to get their clients’ email delivered. Read more at

  • Top 5 Most Popular Posts October 30th, 2008, by d.liao

    1. An update to the email standards 2. Thanks MailChannels! Time to hunt me some spam! 3. Cutwail botnet 4. Microsoft experimental software updates? 5. Does Sendmail throttle?

  • Microsoft Experimental Software Updates? October 9th, 2008, by dcawley

    As most of you know, Microsoft doesn’t distribute it’s software updates via e-mail. Although this recently received bogus message would try to convince us differently. It claims to be from Steve Lipner who actually is a Director of Microsoft’s security engineering team. It even explains that the reason for the update being delivered via e-mail […]

  • Post #3 on Why Spam Filters Suck “trickle blog” series April 7th, 2008, by d.liao

    Once Promising Proposals for a Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem (FUSSP) “Two years from now, spam will be solved.” That was Bill Gates’ famous pronouncement back in 2004. Microsoft, Yahoo and the open source community devised two techniques that they believed would eradicate spam. The first was sender authentication, which allowed email senders […]

  • E-mail from Bill Gates January 31st, 2008, by dcawley

    This morning I checked an old Hotmail account and I was surprised to see an e-mail from Bill Gates. The From header was “Bill Gates ([email protected])” which was a little surprising. I would have thought that Bill would be sending it from a Microsoft or at least a Hotmail address and not a competitor such […]

  • IBM on Spam and Phishing December 14th, 2007, by dcawley

    IBM published their mid-year report for 2007 with details related to spam and phishing attacks. It’s quite a long report so I picked out some of the points I found interesting. There’s a synergy between spam and virus activity since a wide spread virus has the ability to turn hundreds of thousands of personal computers […]

  • Google Apps are Taking Off? December 6th, 2007, by ksimpson

    Some of you may be familiar with MailChannels’ “PingedIn” service. Every night, we survey the mail servers of approximately half a million companies worldwide, using a proprietary algorithm to determine the kind of email server software they are using to receive email. Recently I was reviewing historical data stretching back to mid-summer, when I noticed […]