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Offer secure and reliable email delivery to your hosting customers.

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Build Recurring Revenue

Generate new revenue by offering an SMTP relay service that blocks outbound spam and protects customers from malware infection.

Build Recurring Revenue
Per-Server Pricing

Earn up to 400% margins

Break down your MailChannels Cloud plan into smaller plans for the purposes of reselling.

Secure Your Email Infrastructure

Have your email monitored by a team of email security experts. The more widely you deploy, the more secure your network becomes.

Increase Email Deliverability

Let our SMTP infrastructure analyze and ensure your hosting customer emails reach the inbox.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Eliminate IP blacklisting to reduce support tickets and retain more customers.

Expand your value-added offerings

Quickly deploy MailChannels Cloud and send your hosting customer email through one reliable email delivery service.

Simple integration with

Integrate and deliver via WHMCS Module in 10 minutes or less. Manage sub accounts, account statistics and billing within WHMCS.

Set Your Own Pricing

Our WHMCS Module makes it simple to build custom pricing plans that your customers can use to get their email delivered.

Set Your Own Pricing

Reseller API

Our simple SMTP relay setup and flexible Reseller API allows you to roll your own customizable integration.

Unlimited Sending Sources

You can send from unlimited email addresses, applications, and domains. There's no need to verify sending domains.

Trusted by Leading Hosting Providers

MailChannels Cloud delivers email for leading names in web hosting.

Ready for the next step?

Find out why hosting providers of any size depend on MailChannels to provide their anti-abuse and email delivery technology.

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