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Last Updated:
November 6, 2017

Version Compatibility:
WHMCS 7.0+
WHMCS 6.0+

A valid MailChannels Cloud account


Offer your customers a premium email service and earn up to 400% margins!

If your company provides web hosting, your servers can be used for malicious purposes, such as sending spam. To prevent spam being sent from your server, MailChannels Cloud is an email delivery service that protects against IP blacklisting, outbound spam, and malware infection. Trusted by leading names in web hosting.

What’s In It For You?

• Get the best email deliverability for your hosting customers
• Build monthly recurring revenue
• Detect email threats quickly to decrease blacklist incidents
• Increase customer satisfaction; reduce support tickets related to email issues
• View mail logs, security reports and summary reports

How It Works

Simply get a MailChannels Cloud account, break down your plan into smaller plans for reselling, and promote MailChannels to your customers experiencing email delivery issues. We scan your outgoing email to automatically identify email abuse such as stolen accounts, web scripts, and application exploits used for mass mailing. Your customers receive the best email deliverability in the industry.

Send from unlimited email addresses, applications, domains and servers through one MailChannels Cloud account. There’s no need to verify sending domains.

Earn up to 400% margin on every account that signs up under you. Manage sub-accounts within the MailChannels Cloud Console, and track billing with WHMCS. The more customers you sign up, the more you make!


MailChannels Cloud is billed on a monthly subscription based on outbound email volume per month. The minimum commitment to resell MailChannels Cloud is $1124.99 per month for up to 5,000,000 emails per month, plus $1 per month for each sub-account.
• Break down your MailChannels Cloud plan into smaller plans for the purposes of reselling.
• Set your own pricing to ensure great margins and retain full control of the retail price.
• Integrate easily in your billing system with WHMCS.
• Month-to-month, no long term commitment.


To use the MailChannels WHMCS Module, the hosting provider must have a valid MailChannels Cloud account.

Getting Started

1. Sign up for MailChannels Cloud.
2. Download the MailChannels WHMCS Module.
3. Create custom pricing plans for your customers (Operation and Configuration Guide).
4. Log in to MailChannels Cloud to manage sub-accounts.

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