Spammers have long used ISP networks to send spam, taking ownership of PCs and mobile devices and using them to send spam. But in recent years, defenses against this type of spamming have improved remarkably, making this type of spamming much less effective and profitable. Not to be deterred, spammers have increased their focus on hosting providers, who offer powerful virtual private servers (VPS’es) not to mention compromise-able hosting accounts on large shared hosting machines. VPS boxes are easily obtained using stolen credit cards, and shared hosting accounts are easily compromised by guessing the password or via phishing attacks and other client compromises. So, which hosting networks are the world’s greatest sources of spam? Here are the latest figures as determined by our research using publicly available data from the Composite Blocking List (CBL):
NameCountryVolumeMessages per Machine
1CAT TelecomThailand5.98,499
21&1 InternetGermany5.670,930
3IBM SoftlayerUSA4.57,120
4 Rackspace HostingUSA2.717,172
5Host Dime, Inc.USA2.68,869
6 Hetzner Online AGGermany2.22,835
8 Webfusion Internet SolutionsUK1.934,946
9 Vietnam Post and TelegraphVietnam1.95,249
10 Sadece HostingTurkey1.728,561
12 Simply Transit Ltd.UK1.415,915
13IX Web HostingUSA1.341,309
14GigeNET, LLCUSA1.339,144
15Strato AGGermany1.323,930
16 Dualtec Informática S.A.Brazil1.2551,105
20Telia SoneraSweden1.1747
Top Spamming Hosting Providers