Transparent Filtering

Product Details

Email Security Features

Fully Transparent

MailChannels transparently proxies outgoing email from your network, filtering it and applying an abuse management policy that you define. Spam is redirected or quarantined away from the network flow, which improves your IP reputation and reduces the number of support calls related to IP blacklisting. Transparent proxying is the only method that enables detection and blocking of spam from machines you don’t control, such as subscribers PCs and mobile devices, and dedicated and virtual servers.

Behavior Analysis

Spammers don’t behave like legitimate users. MailChannels records dozens of minute-by-minute statistics about each email sender in your network, detecting when a sender’s behavior suddenly starts looking “spammy.” MailChannels reviews each sender’s full history before letting a message get delivered, ensuring spammers never get a chance to get established in your network.

Response Analytics™

Email receivers generate confusing and ever-changing error messages to let you know they don’t like your email. MailChannels understands what these errors mean, and by combining this intelligence with sender behavior analysis, allows you to respond even more quickly to spammers whose message content is so new the filters don’t even recognize it yet.

Integration with external services

Fighting spam at service provider scale is a team effort, requiring tight integration with external data-feeds and services. MailChannels lets you consume external data through native SQL, LDAP, DNS, and web service bindings that are delivered through an intuitive JavaScript policy interface.

Service Provider Features

Carrier-scale software architecture

MailChannels Transparent Filtering was designed with ultra-scale operation in mind. Deployed as a set of interchangeable components, the software scales with your traffic and requirements. Holiday season spam wave approaching? No problem: just add servers and scale with no downtime.

Deployment automation

Containers? Orchestration? Software automation? We’ve got you covered with support for the latest deployment automation technologies, including Docker and Chef.

Multi-user console with auditing

MailChannels supports multiple levels of user access to accommodate the varying needs of system administrators, abuse desk managers, and abuse desk employees. Audit logs track user activity to enable forensic investigation. LDAP enables integration with corporate directories.

RADIUS integration

For ISPs and mobile operators, RADIUS integration enables tracking subscriber email behavior based on RADIUS mapping rather than IP address.

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