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MailChannels Outbound helps eliminate the pain of IP blocklisting

With LetsHost Director, Daragh MacLoughlin
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LetsHost is a web hosting provider based in Ireland, with a long-established reputation in the hosting world. Their clients range from single-person entities to massive e-commerce ventures.

However, LetsHost was having issues with outbound spam and blocklisting; and dealing with a negative IP reputation was taking up valuable employee time.

LetsHost Director, Daragh MacLoughlin, explains why the company relies on MailChannels to solve the problem and the difference it has made to their business operations.


A secure and reliable email service is vital for hosting companies, and LetsHost is no exception. When issues such as outbound spam start to affect IP reputation, it can result in many headaches – blocklisting being a primary one. And when an IP address is blocklisted, all outbound email traffic stops. For LetsHost, resolving these traffic-stopping IP reputation issues was complex and time-consuming. Says Daragh: “Typically, the often legit user who had a compromised website had to have their account suspended. We would then need to cycle IPs used to send mail outbound, and this created a systems admin overhead as well as the overhead dealing with the hacked customer and the users calling to complain about NDRs (Non-Delivery Receipts). During this time, our helpdesk could get quite busy. In most cases, problems were caused wholly by a non-LetsHost customer or bad actor; explaining this to clients would often confuse and frustrate them.”

To eradicate delivery problems relating to outbound spam, the company developed home-grown tools for limiting the risk of outbound spamming and to protect against a negative IP reputation. However, developing these tools took quite a toll on resources in the office. Daragh says, “This area of the business alone warrants resources most hosting providers cannot provide. That’s where MailChannels came in.”

“As LetsHost continues to grow, IP reputation is not something we need to worry about as long as we implement MailChannels”

The MailChannels Effect

LetsHost searched for a solution to eradicate their issues with IP blacklisting and outbound spam. After a demo, they quickly settled on MailChannels as the right solution. Says Daragh: “The integration process was simple. Once installed it was very much a case of ‘fire and forget’. There was an immediate reduction in IP reputation issues and the MailChannels console makes log searches and reporting very simple.”

With MailChannels, LetsHost has improved business operations in three areas: a clean network reputation; almost no issues with customer complaints due to blocklisting; and fewer demands on valuable employee time to handle an issue that’s easily outsourced. Says Daragh: “Since implementing MailChannels, any problems with IP reputation have practically disappeared across our network. This has had the knock-on effect of freeing up a member of staff as well as removing the frustration from customers who were negatively affected whenever we suffered an IP reputation issue.”

Thanks to having MailChannels Outbound in place, Daragh says, there has been “improved IP reputation, improved customer reputation, new revenue streams and less churn” at LetsHost.




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