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What people say about us

  • "I’ve been happy with MailChannels since we started using it and I know our Abuse Manager is as well. It has freed up a ton of time for their team. Plus, we’ve seen a huge reduction in support complaints regarding mail delivery issues."

    • Graham McMillan CTO - Site5
  • "We feel more secure about the content coming from our network. We’re also able to assure our clients that we proactively detect and stop outbound spam on our shared ranges, and that their IP space isn’t tainted by another user in that IP block. MailChannels definitely gives us peace of mind."

    • Peter Holden Founder/CEO - HostWinds
  • "MailChannels more than pays for itself because our support team no longer spends time fighting blacklisting issues. We also have better customer retention and less churn due to greatly improved email reliability."

    • Wayne Lansdowne Chief Systems Architect - Applied Innovations

Industries we serve

We serve service providers who provide network infrastructure for businesses and need superior email service:

Shared Hosting Providers

Use MailChannels Cloud to ensure reliable email delivery for your customers and eliminate support tickets due to email blacklisting issues. Improve security by tuning in to compromised account notifications. Fix malware-infected WordPress scripts, stolen user accounts and rooted servers by having MailChannels watch out for spamming activity.

Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud Hosting Providers

Use MailChannels Dedicated to transparently intercept and filter outgoing email traffic, automate the detection of spammers in your network, and then shut them down within seconds. Integrate with internal systems to track spammers as they move from IP to IP within your network - even if they operate multiple accounts in order to hide from traditional detection techniques.

Mailbox Providers

Use MailChannels Cloud to detect and block compromised (stolen) user accounts within seconds. Eliminate support incidents related to IP blacklisting. Free up IT resources to focus on your growth, rather than problems caused by spammers.

Managed Service Providers

MSPs rely on customer satisfaction more than anything else to ensure recurring revenue keeps flowing. Ensure your MSP customers are happy by giving them reliable email service through MailChannels Cloud. Keep customers informed by tuning in to notification webhooks and delivering tailored security notices when a WordPress plugin is hacked, or a password stolen.

Internet Service Providers

Detect botnet activity within your subscriber network with MailChannels Dedicated and get your network off of bot-tracking blacklists like UCEPROTECT and CBL. Improve end-customer security and delight end users by tapping in to notifications and helping customers clean infected systems.


Can’t get mail delivered? Has your service provider blocked your email? Is your mail server IP address blocked? Send your corporate email through MailChannels Cloud and immediately resolve email delivery problems. You can even use MailChannels Cloud if your mail is hosted by a service provider.

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