inbound filtering

Secure your inboxes against spam, viruses, and phishing attacks.

a new approach to email security

Providing email service for your clients can be needlessly complicated - spam filter accuracy, false positives, malware infections, unresponsive support, and non-obvious decisions about what rulesets to use. We built MailChannels Inbound Email Filtering to make this easy: a hosted email security service that protects your end users against unsolicited emails targeting your network and inboxes. It's available to businesses of all sizes.

"My end users love how MailChannels IQ™ makes sure email never gets filed into the junk folder by mistake."

Rami El-Zein
CEO at Practical Host

challenges protecting against spammers

Your email infrastructure is exposed when receiving SMTP connections. Attackers can send volumetric DDoS traffic to overwhelm your services, degrade network performance, or bring down end-user machines individually. Attackers can also take control of end-user resources or steal credentials.

challenge the mailchannels solution benefits
Keeping up with spammers Our 24/7 cloud adapts automatically. A fully-staffed operations center responds in seconds to new outbreaks Lets you focus on more important things, like growing your business
Email gets sent to the junk folder inappropriately MailChannels IQTM lets email senders flag email before it gets lost Gives your customers the peace of mind that important email will never be lost
Waiting forever for support from your email security vendor 30 minute support response, 24/7 Gets email back on track without delay, even in the middle of the night
Where did that email go? Lightning fast, intuitive email security dashboard for you and your clients Helps customers track down and fix email problems before they bother you with support requests
Maintaining rulesets for SpamAssassin Hosted spam filter service is fully managed Simply pay a fixed monthly fee based on the number of domains

MailChannels Inbound Email Filtering

Inbound Email Filtering is a cloud-based spam filtering service designed to help web hosts protect their clients from malicious email threats. It is a reliable, cost-effective service for businesses of all sizes.

With MailChannels, you can offer your clients premium spam filtering.Improve on the filtering accuracy of open source and legacy anti-spam systems by letting users and senders manage false positives themselves. Users can rest assured that good mail will not get lost or dropped, While spam doesn't reach the inbox and infect your users with malware.

MailChannels IQTM

Never lose an important message. Instead of silently filing messages to the junk folder, MailChannels IQTM generates a link that the sender can use to get their email released instantly.

Super fast support

Get a real human response to your ticket within 30 minutes, 24/7. You and your clients have the MailChannels community by your side with 1:1 customer support, detailed documentation, help articles and more.


MailChannels empowers web hosting providers of any size to provide premium spam filtering for small-to-medium businesses.

web console

easy whitelist and blacklist configuration

Gain insights into your mail stream from detailed message logs and log search to quickly get answers depending on your specific needs.

key features

Inbound Email Filtering brings MailChannels' security and deliverability expertise to businesses in a powerful and easy-to-use hosted service.

Spam, virus, and phishing protection

Whitelists and blacklists


Incorporates the latest technologies (DMARC, DKIM, SPF, RBL checks, and content filtering)

Tag spam for routing to spam folder or outright blocking of spam messages

Detailed message logs and log search

End-to-end encryption

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