Outbound Filtering

Outbound Filtering is a cloud-based email sending service which identifies and blocks spammers to ensure reliable email delivery. With Outbound Filtering, you can eliminate email delivery problems caused by IP address blacklisting. You can also automatically shut down compromised end user accounts and scripts to improve your security. Unlike conventional email services, MailChannels is the only service that accepts all of your email, including spam.

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What is an SMTP Relay Service?

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Lawfully Filtering Outbound Spam in the EU


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Read how XXL Webhosting improved IP reputation with MailChannels Outbound Filtering.

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Designed to accept your spam

MailChannels is the only email sending service that scans your outgoing email, blocks the spam, and then notifies you of the users or scripts responsible for spamming so you can shut them down. Spammers consume your valuable network and server resources: shut them down quickly with MailChannels.

Easy to deploy

Sending email through MailChannels is as simple as configuring a “smart host” in your mail server settings. MailChannels integrates with Microsoft® Exchange Server, Odin™ Plesk, cPanel, SmarterMail, Exim, Postfix, Sendmail, IceWarp, and any other mail server that support SMTP authentication.


There is no long-term commitment or hidden fees with MailChannels. Pricing is based on email volume only. You can send from unlimited domains, email addresses and servers.

Fully automated

MailChannels requires no ongoing maintenance or tweaking. Start sending today, and never look back.

Highly deliverable

Intelligent systems monitor delivery statistics and adjust sending behavior to maximize the likelihood that your email will reach the inbox. Never see another blacklist error again.

Scalable and reliable

MailChannels automatically scales to accommodate your email volume. Servers located in nine different data centers in three countries ensure continuous and reliable operation.

Use Cases

Shared Hosting Providers

You can use MailChannels to ensure reliable email delivery for your customers and eliminate support tickets due to email blacklisting issues. Improve security by tuning in to compromised account notifications. Fix malware-infected WordPress scripts, stolen user accounts and rooted servers by having MailChannels watch out for spamming activity.

Mailbox Providers

You can use MailChannels to detect and block compromised (stolen) user accounts within seconds. Eliminate support incidents related to IP blacklisting. Free up IT resources to focus on your growth, rather than problems caused by spammers.

Corporate Email

Can’t get mail delivered? Has your service provider blocked your email? Is your mail server IP address blocked? You can configure your mail server to send through MailChannels and immediately resolve email delivery problems.

Cloud Pricing


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$1.50/1000 emails


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$0.75/1000 emails

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$0.37/1000 emails

High Volume

Send more than 1 million emails/month? Contact us about high volume plans.

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Getting Started with Outbound Filtering

1. Sign Up

After signing up, you will gain access to the MailChannels Console - the web administration interface.

2. Smart host your mail server over to our mail server.

Your mail server inserts the identity of the user who created each message in the form of X-Headers. This information is used to track users and identify accounts that are spamming.

3. Set up sender authentication

By inserting “X-AuthUser” header, your mail server tells MailChannels which user account is responsible for each message. This is a critical step for isolating hacked accounts and ensuring successful results.

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