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MailChannels Cloud

Inbound Filtering Datasheet

MailChannels delivers high accuracy through a refined user interface, all backed up by a 30-minute support guarantee so that you can focus on growing your hosting business instead of worrying about email.

Outbound Filtering Datasheet

Improve your email deliverability while boosting security. Learn how MailChannels can protect your IP addresses against blacklisting.

Why Use an SMTP Relay Service?

Learn how an SMTP Relay can improve email delivery for your hosting customers by scanning outgoing email before it gets delivered.

Lawfully Filtering Outbound Spam in the European Union

A review of European and German data protection legislation as it applies to MailChannels Cloud and Dedicated Solutions.

Sign-Up Abuse and the Self-Service Challenge

Read how service providers, with thousands of reputable IP addresses that ensure high deliverability for customer emails, have become a target for spammers.

LetsHost Case Study

In this case study, LetsHost explains why the company relies on MailChannels to solve their problem of outbound spam and blacklisting; and a negative IP reputation.

Applied Innovations Case Study

Learn how managed Windows host, Applied Innovations, reduced support tickets related to blacklisting from 20 percent down to 2 percent since they implemented MailChannels Cloud.

Lithium Case Study

Learn how Lithium hosting reduced support tickets related to blacklisting down to zero and created more time for customer support and improving services.

NovaTrend Case Study

CTO at NovaTrend, Michael Brunner, describes how implementing MailChannels Cloud cut down on support tickets and provides secure and reliable email for their customers.

Host Media Case Study

When blacklisting and IP reputation issues were proving an arduous task to repeatedly solve, Host Media searched for a solution.

InterServer Case Study

InterServer provides customers with a Guaranteed Email Delivery Promise; a company guarantee that valid email is always delivered. MailChannels Cloud helps InterServer to keep this promise. Case Study

Read how the MailChannels Cloud Not Spam button helped to reduce false positives at

XXL Webhosting Case Study

XXL Webhosting wanted to find a smarter solution to deal with frequent IP blacklisting issues and improve the reputation of its mail servers.

MailChannels Dedicated

The Hidden Cost of IP Blacklisting

Read how spammers damage the reputation of service providers and cause email delivery issues.

Intro to ResponseAnalytics™

Read how MailChannels mines SMTP responses for valuable insights that can help thwart outbound email abuse — an industry first.

Hostwinds Case Study

Read how Hostwinds went from having a bad reputation for hosting spammers to a “no-SPAM tolerance network” designation from Spamhaus.

Wowrack Case Study

Read how Wowrack uses MailChannels Dedicated to reduce blacklistings and support tickets related to blacklisting.

DiscountASP.NET Case Study

See how DiscountASP.NET streamlined their abuse management and built a clean IP address reputation with a transparent filtering proxy powered by MailChannels Dedicated.

TekTonic Case Study

Read how TekTonic stays on top of sign-up spam and reduced their abuse reports to less than three per month.