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Customer Story

MailChannels Outbound FIltering Protects InterServer’s IP Reputation

With InterServer CTO, John Quaglieri
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InterServer, based in the United States, has been providing web hosting to customers since 1999. Although their technology has evolved a lot since then, their pride in customer care has remained the same. From start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies, InterServer provides various web hosting services for anyone seeking to establish their online presence.


InterServer provides their shared hosting customers with a Guaranteed Email Delivery Promise; a company guarantee that valid (non-spam, non-bulk) email is always delivered.

However, issues with blocklisting meant that keeping this promise was difficult. In some cases, new customers would assume an IP address only to discover it was listed on a blocklist. InterServer’s CTO, John Quaglieri, explains, “This was a result of compromised customers who might have inadvertently damaged an IP’s reputation. Consequently, other shared customers were vulnerable to inheriting someone else’s deliverability problems.”

Knowing that just one customer could damage the IP reputation of the whole network, InterServer began searching for a solution that would scan outgoing SMTP traffic to ensure high email deliverability for their customers.

“As part of our Guaranteed Email Delivery Promise, InterServer’s shared hosting provides email delivery of valid, non-spam and non-bulk emails. Without MailChannels, this promise would be impossible to fulfill.”

The MailChannels Effect

John says that in researching and testing solutions, most of the offerings lacked in one area or another. Only MailChannels Outbound Filtering offered a comprehensive solution that could stop outbound spam and identify spamming behavior in a network.

“We quickly embraced the service as soon as we realized how effective it is,” John says. “We found that deploying MailChannels Outbound Filtering was a seamless experience. “It was very easy to integrate this service into our shared hosting servers.”




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