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MailChannels Cloud

Why Use an SMTP Relay Service?

Learn how an SMTP Relay can improve email delivery for your hosting customers by scanning outgoing email before it gets delivered.

Lawfully Filtering Outbound Spam in the European Union

A review of European and German data protection legislation as it applies to MailChannels Cloud and Dedicated Solutions.

Sign-Up Abuse and the Self-Service Challenge

Read how service providers, with thousands of reputable IP addresses that ensure high deliverability for customer emails, have become a target for spammers.

MailChannels Dedicated

The Hidden Cost of IP Blacklisting

Read how spammers damage the reputation of service providers and cause email delivery issues.

Intro to ResponseAnalytics™

Read how MailChannels mines SMTP responses for valuable insights that can help thwart outbound email abuse — an industry first.

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