Content Analysis API

Pre-filter all your outgoing email to catch abuse before it hurts deliverability.

Content Analysis API

What is Content Analysis API?

Content Analysis API identifies spam and phishing messages before you submit them to transactional services such as SendGrid, MailGun, and SparkPost. With the API, you can ensure your sending account won’t be blocked while improving delivery rates through dedicated IPs.

Top notch filtering

Top notch filtering right in your app

Content Analysis API leverages state of the art spam and phishing detection technology powered by MailChannels analysis of billions of email messages every month. Send your email messages to us before sending them to SendGrid, MailGun, or SparkPost and we’ll let you know whether it’s safe to send.

Spam trap detection

MailChannels checks your recipient list against known spam traps to ensure you won’t get ensnared by IP blocklists. Detect bad lists early before they harm your account reputation.


Effortless scale

Effortless scale

We scale up as needed. Your API calls will always be fast and available, 24×7.

Avoid integration work

Integrating with multiple commercial content filters burns engineering cycles that would be better invested in your core product. Let us manage the content filters while you manage your business.

Integration work

Email service providers

Built for email service providers

Use Content Analysis API to detect suspicious email content before it leaves your infrastructure and sullies your reputation. Improve deliverability by detecting compromised customer accounts and spammers.

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