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MailChannels Reduces Mail Delivery Issues at Host Media

With Company Director, Jonathon Lucas
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Host Media is a web hosting provider based in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2008, the company has customers in more than 75 countries and prides itself on providing “premium web hosting that doesn’t cost the Earth.”

Web hosting niche markets are Host Media’s specialty. Early on, the company provided media hosting and streaming services, which at the time was a new concept. Today, the company provides high-end dedicated and cloud solutions for individuals and companies using various development platforms.


The majority of Host Media’s customers are businesses, which depend on secure, reliable email service. “Cybersecurity is extremely important to us at Host Media,” says Company Director, Jonathon Lucas. “Our customers need access to a secure email system. Without it, many could lose out on winning a contract or gaining a sale.”

With shared hosting becoming a popular solution for Host Media customers, the hosting provider needed a way to resolve the IP blocklisting issues that arose.

When any IP issues arose, the Host Media team would immediately get to work to solve it. However, over time this proved to be an arduous task. First, a complete scan of the server was done to ensure no malicious scripts were loaded, such as a hacked account or site. Then the mail queue would be checked to ensure no further compromised emails were going out.

Host Media knew they needed a third-party SMTP relay to provide outbound email filtering but they required a service that supported cPanel servers. MailChannels satisfied these requirements so Host Media adopted the MailChannels Outbound service.

“MailChannels has lowered the number of mail delivery issues reported to our support team. It also gives us great insight into mail delivery statistics. We’re extremely impressed with the results.”

The MailChannels Effect

Host Media rolled out MailChannels Outbound Filtering across their network in early 2017 and found the process straightforward. “Deploying MailChannels to our servers was easy and the level of documentation made it simple to install on our cPanel servers,” Jonathon says.

With MailChannels Outbound Filtering, Host Media has reduced its problems with IP blocklisting and improved email delivery. But Jonathon says the solution also allows the support team to focus on more strategic work.

“Time saving is the biggest improvement,” he says. “Even just chasing up IP blocklist registers for a delist update would take us hours of back and forth. That time is now better spent engaging with customers to support them to the level we want to provide.”


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