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MailChannels Outbound Filtering Makes Blacklisting Issues at NovaTrend a Thing of the Past

With NovaTrend CTO, Michael Brunner
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NovaTrend is a web host company based in Switzerland that has been in the hosting sector for more than thirteen years. Rather than offering customers different service packages to choose from, NovaTrend offers a single all-inclusive package — that includes a professional spam filter.

However, when a server hosting about 300 customers was blocklisted, NovaTrend faced complaints from angry customers and a spike in support tickets. The company searched for a solution to the problem of outbound spam and blocklisting so customers could enjoy reliable email deliverability, NovaTrend found MailChannels.

NovaTrend’s CTO Michael Brunner explains why the company relies on MailChannels to filter outbound spam and how the solution has helped ensure secure, reliable email deliverability for customers.


Blocklisting had become an ongoing issue at NovaTrend, which meant that customers were often unable to send mail because recipient anti-spam systems would block it.

“The volume of support tickets from angry customers was quite high,” says Michael Brunner, CTO at NovaTrend. “It was often impossible to send out mail because of the blocklisted IP addresses. Customers did not understand why our IP addresses were on blocklists and why it took so long to fix the problem.”

Although NovaTrend had an inbound spam filter in place that included an option to scan outgoing mail, Michael says his team was unsatisfied with the quality of the outbound spam detection. Another strategy NovaTrend tried to solve the blocklisting problem was to rotate IP addresses. However, the company realized quickly this plan involved too much work and wasted IP addresses.

In searching for another solution, NovaTrend came across MailChannels’ cloud-based outbound anti-spam service.

However, Switzerland falls under strict data sovereignty laws that require data to remain in the country in order to protect Swiss citizens’ personal information. MailChannels engineers worked with NovaTrend to address Swiss data sovereignty requirements and deployed a “sovereign cloud” within NovaTrend’s own network in Switzerland.

“MailChannels worked hard on a solution for us to meet the data sovereignty requirements,” says Michael. “We are very happy they set up MailChannels servers in our own network so we could access MailChannels Outbound Filtering within Swiss borders.”

“With MailChannels in place we can concentrate on our business instead of wasting time with IP reputation and our customers are happy again”

The MailChannels Effect

Following a re-route through the MailChannels gateway, Michael says there was a notable difference in NovaTrend’s service almost immediately. “Just days after we implemented MailChannels Outbound Filtering the volume of support tickets dropped and customers were happy again,” he says.

NovaTrend found the integration process with MailChannels Outbound Filtering swift and simple. “We were able to implement this solution quite quickly,” says Michael. “The web interface is easy to use and helps to identify problems for our support staff immediately. It’s simple to report a false positive and the support is extremely fast and helpful.”

NovaTrend knows that having an outbound spam filter like MailChannels Outbound Filtering makes its web hosting service more appealing to potential customers. Says Michael, “Not many hosting companies are using an outbound spam filter so this is a clear advantage for us because only our customers can be sure that the mail reaches their recipients.”




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