Carrier Solutions

Outsourced email security & delivery for telecoms, mobile operators, and ISPs.

Carrier Solutions

Automatically detects and mitigates email abuse across a service provider's network

Providing reliable email services to telecom, mobile, and ISP customers is a thankless task that generates little to no revenue, but plenty of headaches. Maintaining effective email policies and filtering accuracy, dealing with abuse reports and feedback loops, and steering clear of blocklists sucks up considerable expertise that is better directed onto other projects.

For carriers interested in the efficiency gains of outsourcing to the cloud, MailChannels offers inbound email filtering and outbound email delivery services precisely targeted to the needs of carriers. Key carrier features include:

Data Sovereignty

MailChannels locates its cloud services within your jurisdiction, allowing you to remain compliant with data sovereignty rules.

Outstanding Reliability

Cloud-native distributed computing technologies like Kubernetes combine with 24x7x365 monitoring and prompt, effective support to deliver carrier-class reliability.

Compatible with Existing Systems

Fully compatible with your existing MTA infrastructure.

Accuracy and Effectiveness

Data from over 750 providers worldwide feeds a real-time filtering system that accurately blocks abuse while ensuring reliable delivery of customer email to receivers like Google and Microsoft.

Set and Forget

Truly the only email security and delivery solution that allows carriers to fully “walk away” from most email issues.

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