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Frequently Asked Questions

We bill based on the number of messages our service analyzes. This includes spam messages. Preventing the spam from being delivered is part of the value we offer, which is why we charge for these messages. We have capabilities built-in to reduce your exposure to bursts in volume resulting from a spam attack; if you account suddenly sends much more volume than usual, we will rate limit the account. If we detect unusual activity, we will notify you (you must have notifications enabled in the Cloud Console).

Yes. By charging for outbound spam, and then providing an effective compromised account notification service, we encourage clients to quickly shut down spammers within their own servers. This helps us deliver email more reliably, reduces your volume over time, and prevents future spam outbreaks. It's a win-win.

In order to protect the reputation of our service, we do not offer a free trial for MailChannels Cloud. However, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you feel that MailChannels Cloud did not meeting your expectations within 30 days, we will provide you with a full refund.

If you exceed your outbound message allotment, your mail traffic will continue to flow. Additional messages are billed at the corresponding rate per thousand messages.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time in the MailChannels Cloud Console under Settings > Billing > Change Your Plan.

No, MailChannels Cloud is a month-to-month service. There is no contract or long-term obligation, cancel anytime. You will be charged for any account usage during the current billing period, but you will not be charged for future months.

To close your account, please send us an email to [email protected] We won't pressure you to stay, but we'd love to know why you're leaving.

Want to know more? Visit our Help Center or Contact Us and we'll help you.

"I’ve been happy with MailChannels since we started using it and I know our Abuse Manager is as well. It has freed up a ton of time for their team. Plus, we’ve seen a huge reduction in support complaints regarding mail delivery issues."

Graham McMillanCTO - Site5