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MailChannels Cloud Allows XXL Webhosting to Improve the Reputation of Its Servers



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About XXL Webhosting

XXL Webhosting, based in the Netherlands, has been in the hosting industry since 2000. Today, the company manages more than 30,000 websites on its servers and boasts a whole range of clients; from startup entrepreneurs and ecommerce companies to multinational corporations and government institutions.


Like many web hosts, XXL Webhosting had problems with blacklisted servers causing email service disruptions. Blocked email caused frustration on the part of customers, who then tied up the host’s support team with help tickets. It was costing the company considerable time and resources to get off blacklists as quickly as possible and restore customer email traffic.

Blacklisting is a vicious circle. If it is not solved at the root cause, it will happen again and again. When XXL Webhosting’s servers were blacklisted for a fourth time, founder Sander Cruiming realized the company needed a smarter way to deal with the problem.

“It was frustrating to inform customers about a blacklisting, get delisted from all the blacklists and once it was xed, deal with it all over again the next day because another customer got hacked. It was annoying to do the same thing over and over again with no improvement on the problem,” says Sander. “We needed to nd a solution once and for all.”

In early 2017, XXL Webhosting met and spoke with the MailChannels team at a hosting event in Europe. They tested out the MailChannels Cloud trial version and quickly signed up for the service.

XXL Webhosting had three main goals in using MailChannels Cloud:

1. Improve IP reputation

Frequent blacklisting meant that XXL Webhosting needed to clean up its server reputation fast. The company wanted to be proactive and prevent blacklisting by ltering out spam before it caused their server IPs to be blacklisted.

2. Reduce customer churn

Customer complaints skyrocketed whenever an IP was blacklisted, which caused XXL Webhosting to experience a higher rate of churn. If these issues were solved with a suitable outbound spam lter, Sander and his team felt it would signi cantly reduce the number of customers closing their accounts and moving to another hosting company.

3. Save valuable resources

The XXL Webhosting team’s time was being taken up in dealing with frustrated customers whose mail had been blocked. The blacklisting problem made their work reactive rather than proactive, troubleshooting the issues rather than using their time to work on something more useful and bene cial to customers and to the company. Outsourcing for a solution would save this valuable time to channel into more productive work

The MailChannels Cloud Effect

Prior to signing up with MailChannels Cloud, XXL Webhosting had tested out a popular inbound service that also offers an outbound lter. However, the service proved unsuitable. “The ltering wasn’t accurate enough so spam was still being sent out,” says Sander. “Plus it took considerable resources from the server, like CPU and memory resources. We weren’t happy and the results were not clear enough.”

MailChannels Cloud proved to be exactly what XXL Webhosting was seeking in a solution:


Due to memory issues with its previous outbound spam lter, the company wanted a cloud-based solution offered as a service rather than integrating software onsite. “We had MailChannels Cloud up and running within two days. We have 60-70 servers using the solution so it was a smooth process,” says Sander.

Excellent Spam Filter

MailChannels Cloud uses digital signature technology, checking the content of each email message against a real-time updated database of known spam signatures.
It tracks dozens of minute-by-minute statistics about each email sender. Unusual trends in message volume, suspicious content, recipient validation failures and other statistical signals enable fast identi cation of spammers.

Spam Alert System

XXL Webhosting wanted a spam lter that would alert the team immediately once a compromise is detected. “We needed automation so the moment spam is being sent out, we are noti ed and can hook into our system to block the individual customers sending out spam. These are automatically noti ed about what’s happening without the need for any manual work on our end,” says Sander.



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